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Presentation of the competition
Composers’ Assemblies 2008/2009

3 p.m., room 60

Speech of the Jury members
Distribution of publicity materials

Young composers’ competitions have become one of the highlights of the International Conservatoire Week festival. The forthcoming contest, Composers’ Assemblies 2008/2009, follows two trends: on one hand, it continues along the path of contests of pieces for instrumental ensembles as in previous years, on the other hand, it employs the organ for the first time in St. Petersburg, on the occasion of “inauguration” of the new organ in the Glazunov Hall in 2009.

The competition is designed to incite and stimulate the young composers’ creativity, draw their attention to the current issues of organ and ensemble performing art and expand the contemporary repertoire.

The main prize for the winners will be publication of the best works by the St. Petersburg Kompozitor (The Composer) publishing house and participation in the program of the Isaiah Braudo International Organist Competition and in the program of the concert given by the Brass Quintet of the professors of the Western Michigan University within the framework of the 9th International Conservatoire Week Festival.

The complete version of the general provisions for the young composers’ open competition Composers’ Assemblies 2008/2009 along with the terms and conditions for participation and submission of applications can be found on our website: