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The latter days of fall are often cursed — as Alexander Pushkin said, but we, in the Conservatoire never curse them.
In September we greet the fresh and talented generation of musicians: they are ready to ‘serve the muses’ and Apollo playing his lyre on the Glazunov Hall ceiling is just a member of their baroque crowd. These freshmen are the starting note in the September overture, another passing moment in the life of the Conservatoire — which remains part of students’ lives forever.

For those inhabiting the building at No. 3, Theater square, October is a month of many colors and tongues of the International Conservatoire Week. Concerts, seminars, conferences, open lectures, master classes, exhibitions and presentations, that involve musicians of various origins, ages, skills and ambition, constitute a non-conventional week in the lives of the musical students. Young musicians get a chance to feel part of international musical community, where people feed on music and create music for others. Let our Festival make musical “recruits” believe they are the chosen ones: for the world is never short of talents, and it means they will always be in demand.
The month of November in St. Petersburg, however, is monochromatic — not monotonous: it sounds concerts, competitions, post-graduate exams. While faculty and students are professionally accustomed to beauty, the latter still shields them from the earthliness of their thoughts and from materialistic vanity.

For the Festival Board, November is the month to sum everything up and set up a plan for the next festival meant to ensure another peaceful, colorful and eventful autumn for the Conservatoire.